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Micro Power & Light Co.

All the most widely-used of the classic readability formulas.

Identify your material’s specific words likely difficult for a targeted reading level.

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Greatly-enhanced versions of the new Dale-Chall & Spache readability formulas

Readability Software

Readability software performing readability calculations and analyses according to the most widely-used readability formulas ... including enhanced versions of the Spache and Dale-Chall formulas.

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Readability Software

Over 25 years of developing, publishing and refining readability programs

enables Micro Power & Light Co. to now offer you the most powerful, tested and reliable readability software available today.


Our readability software products are used for diverse purposes ... throughout industry, business and government as well as all levels of education, and in support of all manner of publishing. We currently offer three readability software products:  Readability Formulas,  POWER Configurations, and Vocabulary Assessor. Each is described below ...


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Readability Formulas is software supporting readability scoring according to the most popular classic readability formulas including the Flesch Grade Level (Flesch-Kincaid) formula, Flesch Reading Ease formula, FOG formula, SMOG formula, Powers-Sumner-Kearl formula, FORCAST formula, Spache formula, the Fry Graph and “new” Dale-Chall formula.


Each readability formula is a readability calculator ... a tested readability tool producing a readability score based on its own specific readability criteria and guidelines.


Sometimes it is critical to pre-edit materials to ensure reliable grade level scores. Our readability software and documentation provides all the guidelines essential to materials’ preparation for readability scoring.


POWER Configurations includes enhanced versions of two vocabulary based readability formulas, the Spache and “new” Dale-Chall readability formulas... the baseline versions of which are included in the Readability Formulas product described above.


Developed according to specifications provided by a major publisher ...

to address such enhanced scoring needs as replacing wordiness with simplicity, substituting familiar for difficult terms, overriding the formula’s normal handling of words and entire expressions, etc... all enabling you to

tailor the formulas to your own environment, material, and targeted readers.


Vocabulary Assessor is yet another readability tool ... moving beyond the readability grade-level scores produced by the readability formulas identified above. Using mastery word lists, The Assessor identifies the specific words in a text, which words are likely to be difficult for readers not yet reading at a targeted readability grade level.