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Micro Power & Light Co.

All the most widely-used of the classic readability formulas.

Identify your material’s specific words likely difficult for a targeted reading level.

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Greatly-enhanced versions of the new Dale-Chall & Spache readability formulas

Readability Software

Readability software performing readability calculations and analyses according to the most widely-used readability formulas ... including enhanced versions of the Spache and Dale-Chall formulas.

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Readability Formulas

Readability Formulas is the name for Micro Power & Light Co.’s software used to calculate readability scores according to

the most widely-used classic readability formulas ...


Each readability formula is a readability calculator ... a tested readability tool producing a readability score based on its own specific readability criteria.   Included in the Readability Formulas product:


Dale-Chall Formula    The new Dale-Chall Readability Formula. One of few vocabulary-driven formulas, this baseline version is suitable for scoring all types of materials... materials written for grade-level 4 through college.


Spache Formula    The revised Spache Readability Formula. A vocabulary-based readability formula, for use with materials written for kindergarten through grade-level 3.


Powers-Sumner-Kearl Formula    Based on number of words, sentences and syllables... scores materials for kindergarten through grade-level 3.


Flesch Grade Level (Flesch-Kincaid) & Flesch Reading Ease Formula

Used widely in business and government as well as education, to score materials appropriate for upper elementary grades through college.


FOG (Gunning FOG) Formula    Widely used in healthcare and throughout business and industry. Grade-level formula score based on total number of words, words of three or more syllables, and number of sentences.


SMOG Formula    The SMOG formula targets 100% comprehension. For this reason its scoring is frequently higher than that of other formulas.


Fry Graph    The Fry Formula displays its readability score on a graph. It covers a grade range of elementary through college, on a variety of texts.


FORCAST Formula    Whereas other readability formulas assume the material is normal running narrative, the FORCAST formula is used to score the readability level of such as questionnaires, application forms, etc.


A single copy of Readability Formulas, Item Wc1, is $59.95.

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A site license for Readability Formulas, Item Wc3, is $419.65.

Site License copies may be installed on any and all Windows computers at one site,

e.g. one school district, college campus or business complex.


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