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All the most widely-used of the classic readability formulas.

Identify your material’s specific words likely difficult for a targeted reading level.

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Greatly-enhanced versions of the new Dale-Chall & Spache readability formulas

Readability Software

Readability software performing readability calculations and analyses according to the most widely-used readability formulas ... including enhanced versions of the Spache and Dale-Chall formulas.

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Vocabulary Assessor

A powerful supplement to readability formula scores ...


Why use The Assessor?


While most readability formulas provide a grade-level score, they do not also identify the individual words responsible for the score being what it is. The Assessor can not only identify such words, but inform you of their frequency in the material being scored.


Mastery Word Lists ...  the heart of The Assessor


When run, The Assessor looks at each word in your material, to see if that word is represented in a mastery Word List. The Word List contains every word that readers at the targeted grade level can be expected to comprehend when the word is encountered in normal running narrative.


And what about your material’s words not present in the Word List?


Every such word represents a word potentially difficult for the targeted readers. The Assessor identifies all such words. You can review the words on the screen, print them, or save them to a file for viewing later. And The Assessor can arrange them for you in the order they were first encountered in the material, or in their frequency of occurrence, or in alphabetic order.


Where do I find such Word Lists?


Mastery Word Lists for grades 1-5 are included with The Assessor software. The words contained in each list are the common everyday words, not peculiar to any subject, discipline or industry.


What if I want to add or delete words, or want other Word Lists?


The User Guide describes how easy it is to modify the Word Lists ...

and create entirely new Word Lists, tailored to your needs.


A single copy of The Vocabulary Assessor, Item Wa1, is $64.95.

A single copy is to be installed on one Windows computer.


A site license for The Vocabulary Assessor, Item Wa3, is $454.65.

Site License copies may be installed on any and all Windows computers at one site,

e.g. one school district, college campus or business complex.


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